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Next step in AutoPatching

My goal with XGP is a fully automated program who keeps xfire patched all the time.
What is does now is this:

Windows Starts
Xfire Starts
XGP Autopatcher starts

The problem with this solution is that you need to manually open xfire when XGP is done and detect games. Well, it isn’t to hard but we’re lazy nowadays and it can be fixed. In 2 ways.
Either i do this:

Windows Starts
XGP Autopatcher starts
XGP starts Xfire for you

Now you don’t need to detect games manually after xgp is finished. But it also has a drawback: If xfire updates itself, it becomes unpatched again. So how do we solve that? Xfire uses a specific exe to update itself, “123.exe” located in same folder as xfire_games.ini. Technically i could watch that process and trigger an autopatch if it runs and then exits. But to do that XGP would need to be run all the time in the background. What do you think about that? Please comment if you would use such a feature 🙂

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