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Chapterizing gone wild with v2.1!

Hi guys!

Finally the time has come for me to release version 2.1 of MKV Chapterizer! It contains a few, but big, new features that will enhance the program.
To start with I have finally added a complete auto-updating system which checks and downloads new updates automatically to the program, making it even easier to stay up to date! Though since the updates that are downloaded are installers, I have disabled the downloading feature in the portable version, it will only notify (as 2.0 did). Therefore I recommend choosing the installer 😉
As some of you maybe remember, I have been talking about a suprise lately, and here it goes: ChapterDB! It may not sound that fantastic but I’ll explain what it is.
ChapterDB is a database on the internet which holds sets of chapters that are pulled from real DVDs by the program Chapter Grabber. The database contains a lot (when I say a lot I mean thousands and thousands) of chapter-sets for a lot of movies. The database is managed by Jarret Vance, who is the creator of Chapter Grabber, and I have gotten permission to use it in MKV Chapterizer too!
So you just switch mode to ChapterDB, type in the name of the movie which you wants chapters for and then click search. You will then get a list of all available chapter-sets. Some less popular movies doesn’t have any chapters stored in ChapterDB so therefore you will not find anything when searching for them.

So what is the advantage of using chapters from ChapterDB vs Interval? Well you get chapters that are timed by a human, meaning that they are placed logically. If you are lucky (if the movie is quite popular) you will also find chapters with the “real” names (from the DVD/Bluray) which will make it look more proffesional 😉

There are of course other news in this version, though I won’t talk about them here. You can go to the MKVC page to see the full changelog.

At last I want to thank Jarret Vance (ChapterDB) and Moritz Bunkus (MkvMerge) for making this release and program a possibility. I also want to thank all the users of my program, version 2.o have gotten about 3000 downloads on 6 months which makes me happy since this is my first real project and I am learning things all the time!

So yeah, what are you waiting for, download and enjoy (the links are here as usually)! 😀

Oh and if you find any bugs/get any errors please create an issue here, so I can fix it in the next version! Questions may be asked in the comments as usually.

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