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Xfire Profile Patcher v3.0 Released

When I first started writing Xfire Game Patcher, some years ago, I was very new at programming and I did it for the lulz. I later on improved it a bit and released it. It worked, but not good at all. Some weeks ago I picked it up again and started fixing/rewriting/improving the software, from the bottom up. That has now resulted in Xfire Profile Patcher 3.0!
I have renamed it, to mark the start of a new era for this particular piece of code. It still has the UI left from older versions, but apart from getting a huge fix-up I have also added a few new features.
The first one is that I have replaced the old, half-functioning auto updater code with SharpDate, my new mini project that acts as a updater to all of my programs. It works very well and there shall be no problems with updating XPP with it. Remember though that it is only included in the Installer version, so I recommend downloading and using that version 😉
The second feature is the contribution system. It allows you, with the click of a button, to send a specific game profile to me for analysis and then hopefully including it in the game profiles database for everyone to use 🙂
The profiles I am looking for are non-steam profiles (for steam games) and profiles for unsupported games.

The changelog is quite long so I choose not to put it here, but it can be found at the XPP page beside the download links and rest of the info about the program.

So head over there now, download it, use it and tell me about any bugs you find! 😀
Don’t forget to spread the word to any of your pals who could need it 😉

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