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Good & bad news

Let’s begin with the good news:

MKV Chapterizer 2.3.1 have been released! It is not a major update, the only changes are that you now (again) can shift-click to only output chapter files and a fix to the bad news (which is a bug, yes).

The bad news:

You will have to download this release manually since there was a bug in SharpDate (the auto updater) which slipped through in the release of 2.3 :S
So check out the link to it on the MKV Chapterizer page! I promise I’ll never let a bug like that one slip through again, at least not in the auto updater since it’s a vital part!
Oh yeah, there’s another annoying thing with the auto updater too (in the latest version), the notification when an update has been downloaded appears behind the auto updater’s window, which means that the OK button is not visible. To “click” it, just click the border of the notification window and then click enter. This will be fixed in the next release of MKV Chapterizer.

  1. brock
    November 6, 2014 at 23:45

    This is a neat idea, I wanted to include your chapters.xml file into a routine I have written to resize mkv’s. So with that in mind the project started.
    Problems, it seems that the xml file works fine with mkvmerge 5.5 (makes chapters that can be read on my seiki bd player.) but does not create a usable chapter index using mkvmerge (latest version)
    This is OK as the version you provide with mkvchaperizer makes just fine chapters.
    I am just curious what this is happening and wondering if you wanted to look at it.

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