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Time flies, doesn’t it?

March 4, 2013 15 comments

HEY! 😀

To begin with: Thank you Ashley for the donation and for leading me back here! 🙂
And no, I haven’t forgotten ya all!
I have been gone for some time (at least from this site and my projects here) because I have worked on other stuff. I can’t remember why I never told you, but anyway, here I am. You’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been, abandoning my users like this with problems and so on. All I can say is that I am terribly sorry for that. I’ve been coding on a website for the past 10 months, going from zero to hero (hehe maybe not) in web development. Which means that I have collected a bag full of experience to put back into my programs here, especially MKV Chapterizer.

MKV has really gotten popular now, from being that small container with a weird Russian name to being the number one format for storing 1080p/720p material. I myself use it for everything and haven’t yet found a better container.

I read all the new comments since the last time I was here, and thought that I would spend some time answering some of them while I’m already on it:


Hi, just the tool i am looking for but… and i really did my best to find it…how do i use an external xml chapter file, I don’t seeany option to add one. Using an xml file with the same name as the mkv doesn’t work. Thnx in advance, Ton

Hi Ton! You simply drop an MKV on it, then change to the “Chapter file” mode by clicking the blue arrows. There you can specify the xml file to use. Sorry if it is unclear!


Cannot change mode from “Interval”. Where/how do I use an external chapter file to add chapters? Is there some setting required to enable this? How do I use Chapter DB? Is there some other dependency required? Whilst the “Interval” mode works, it is not very interesting and the other modes that are interesting either seem to not work or there is no documentation on how to make them work.

Same as above, drop an MKV file then change mode by clicking the blue arrows 🙂


Love this tool! I would love it if way you added some kind of que based xml download support from chaptersDB. So say I have Title 1.mkv if I use chaptersdb and I download Title 1.xml I add them into the que and am able to do a LARGE number of conversions. I could not get this to work at all.The only only way I seem to be able to use the chaptersdb action is on a single file drop in simple mode where you lose the que functon. The main reason I mention this is I have almost 400 mkv’s from my entire DVD/Bluray collection and I didn’t realize the need for chapters until I got about 300 movies into the process. Maybe make it where you have an advanced mode add all the files and then have a button to check chapters db for the titles in the que and have it grab them all and allow for a batch processing.

Another couple of suggestions –
1)When you drag a named file the file name should be automatically imported into the ChapterDB search field. This would make it so much easier using it with ChapterDB. I dislike having to retype the same file name into the field to get the chapters.
2) Make this program support multiple drives. E.G. If I chapterize an mkv on my C drive it chapterizes in the proper amount of time. if I chapterize a file on my D drive I have the chapterization but then I have the long file copy wait. This is because the files your temping to are on the C drive. You should make it so the temped file is on the same local drive as the mkv.

About the batch processing with chapterDB – fully doable. I have thought about it, and I will see how to best implement it when I start working on the program again. The reason I didn’t program it to work for batch from the beginning is because the choosing of chapterdb entry. If I would make it batchable, I would either need to prompt the user for each file too choose a chapterDB entry (better, but still not pure “batch” I would say) or I would need to add some kind of automatic choosing based on filters. For example it should have x amount of chapters at least and so on. Not too hard, but it will take some time to perfect. But I would love to implement it so expect it! Challenges are there to be broken! 😉
The automatic name import was something I was going to implement, can’t remember why I never did. Will do it.
I’ll look into saving the TEMP on the same drive!

daril leonardo:

i had a problem with it, it was working well till i notice that two of my movies are mixed between them since i applied mkv chapterizer, any idea?

Sorry I have no idea, maybe you mixed up the naming when you chapterized them? If you can replicate it, I will gladly fix it.

Also, Don and Mike Mike, the error you got was because of some changes to my web-server. I have fixed it now and it should work again. Please tell me if it doesn’t. But as you both said, it doesn’t affect the rest of the program. If it still appears, go to settings and disable automatic updating.

Now you’re also probably wondering when I will keep my promises and fix things up. All I can say for now is that I will have time this summer. No school and so on. Maybe before that, but probably not.What I will do before, is migrate to a new website though. It shouldn’t take long time. I haven’t decided yet if I should host it somewhere else or just a new blog. I need somewhere to collect all my projects and work, including the websites I create.

That’s it for now, any questions can be taken in the comments, I have fixed so I get an email whenever people write so expect an answer within 24 hours! 😀

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Good & bad news

April 1, 2012 1 comment

Let’s begin with the good news:

MKV Chapterizer 2.3.1 have been released! It is not a major update, the only changes are that you now (again) can shift-click to only output chapter files and a fix to the bad news (which is a bug, yes).

The bad news:

You will have to download this release manually since there was a bug in SharpDate (the auto updater) which slipped through in the release of 2.3 :S
So check out the link to it on the MKV Chapterizer page! I promise I’ll never let a bug like that one slip through again, at least not in the auto updater since it’s a vital part!
Oh yeah, there’s another annoying thing with the auto updater too (in the latest version), the notification when an update has been downloaded appears behind the auto updater’s window, which means that the OK button is not visible. To “click” it, just click the border of the notification window and then click enter. This will be fixed in the next release of MKV Chapterizer.

MKV Chapterizer 2.3

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Finally it is finished and released! 😀
Changelog and download links can be found here.
(Or just start your installed version of MKV Chapterizer and it shall auto update it)

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MKV Chapterizer weekend release postponed

March 23, 2012 1 comment

I had planned to release MKV Chapterizer 2.3 this coming weekend since I was nearly done with the new features/modifications, but I have decided to postpone it by one or two weeks.
While I was coding, I realized that adding feature after feature to the program, just above everything else, wouldn’t work out well for the user. I realized how messy the program is now and how messy it is gonna get. So therefore I have decided to change the arrangement of the program a little. It will no longer be a mode called “Queue mode”, nor a mode called “Single mode”. The new titles will be “Advanced” and “Simple” mode. It makes much more sense to the end-user and makes it easier to understand how to use the program without a manual. The simple mode will work nearly exactly like the current “Single” mode, except that the feature “Generate chapter file” will be stripped and moved to the Advanced mode. In other words: you will be able to drop a file, chapterize it, and re/de -chapterize it.

The rest of the features will rest in the Advanced mode. Things such as generating chapter files, batch chapterizing and the new feature, extract chapter files (in your own defined format), are what I call advanced features compared to the other, basic ones. The cons of this move? Well to generate a chapter file/extract some chapters, will now require about 4-5 clicks instead of a drop and a click (depending on how you count). Though I think most of you will use these features in batch anyway, so no big loss.

If you have any comments, or criticism about the changes, you are welcome to write them in the comments 🙂

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Chapterizer v2.2 goes live via auto updater!

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Here ya go Bryan 😉 (and everyone else of course :P)

Changelog v2.2

  • Fixed bug where the auto updater crashed when unable to connect
  • Fixed some bugs with the chapter file mode
  • Changed the choosable chapter interval to 1 second up to 60 hours
  • Changed the way the program handles the UI (no visual change)

Just start mkv chapterizer and it shall notify you of the update, and install it for you if you are running installer version 🙂

Bug reports and other suggestions are appreciated.

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XGP v3.0 Beta release

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment

As many of you may know, XGP has been broken for a week or so now because of some network struggles. But I have been coding to fix the problem and will now release a beta version so you can start patching xfire again 😉
I have some coding left to do until the version is complete, the reason to why it is beta atm. But most things works as they should.


  •     Complete new system for fetching game profiles
  •     Code clean-up
  •     Part of code rewritten
  •     Better customizing of game profiles
  •     Small bug fixes

What won’t work in the Beta:

  • Auto updater

But I have disabled the auto updater by default so no worries!
The beta doesn’t come with an installer, meaning that you just extract the exe from the zip and then run it. You can replace your old xgp with this new one if you want too.

So yeah, comment if you find anything that is causing a crash or is simply not working and check back in a week or two to find the complete new, even more amazing version of XGP 😉
(Links can be found on the XGP page)

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Progress on XGP

January 10, 2012 Leave a comment

I am making good progress on XGP. Today I have coded 4 hours non stop and fixed a lot of things, recoded some bits and cleaned up. I can really tell that I wrote this like a year ago (I’ve become better) 😉
The new version won’t show any massive changes in the UI (very few yet) but it will be a massive change under the hood.

So yeah, I’ll keep coding and I’ll release it as soon as it is finished! 😀

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