Xfire Profile Patcher v3.0 Released

March 7, 2012 3 comments

When I first started writing Xfire Game Patcher, some years ago, I was very new at programming and I did it for the lulz. I later on improved it a bit and released it. It worked, but not good at all. Some weeks ago I picked it up again and started fixing/rewriting/improving the software, from the bottom up. That has now resulted in Xfire Profile Patcher 3.0!
I have renamed it, to mark the start of a new era for this particular piece of code. It still has the UI left from older versions, but apart from getting a huge fix-up I have also added a few new features.
The first one is that I have replaced the old, half-functioning auto updater code with SharpDate, my new mini project that acts as a updater to all of my programs. It works very well and there shall be no problems with updating XPP with it. Remember though that it is only included in the Installer version, so I recommend downloading and using that version 😉
The second feature is the contribution system. It allows you, with the click of a button, to send a specific game profile to me for analysis and then hopefully including it in the game profiles database for everyone to use 🙂
The profiles I am looking for are non-steam profiles (for steam games) and profiles for unsupported games.

The changelog is quite long so I choose not to put it here, but it can be found at the XPP page beside the download links and rest of the info about the program.

So head over there now, download it, use it and tell me about any bugs you find! 😀
Don’t forget to spread the word to any of your pals who could need it 😉

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Back on track

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

So I had this big project in school, that practically took all my spare time (the reason to my absence). But I am done with it now, and I am back on track on the coding.
The priority is XGP at the moment, so I can get the final 3.0 version out asap since the old versions are defunct (though the 3.0 beta works). 3.0 will pack a lot of features, fixes and improvements so therefore there are quite some coding to do. But I’ll be working on it a lot this week since I am off school.

After XGP 3.0, Mkv Chapterizer will of course also get its dose of updates 😉

Chapterizer v2.2 goes live via auto updater!

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Here ya go Bryan 😉 (and everyone else of course :P)

Changelog v2.2

  • Fixed bug where the auto updater crashed when unable to connect
  • Fixed some bugs with the chapter file mode
  • Changed the choosable chapter interval to 1 second up to 60 hours
  • Changed the way the program handles the UI (no visual change)

Just start mkv chapterizer and it shall notify you of the update, and install it for you if you are running installer version 🙂

Bug reports and other suggestions are appreciated.

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XGP v3.0 Beta release

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment

As many of you may know, XGP has been broken for a week or so now because of some network struggles. But I have been coding to fix the problem and will now release a beta version so you can start patching xfire again 😉
I have some coding left to do until the version is complete, the reason to why it is beta atm. But most things works as they should.


  •     Complete new system for fetching game profiles
  •     Code clean-up
  •     Part of code rewritten
  •     Better customizing of game profiles
  •     Small bug fixes

What won’t work in the Beta:

  • Auto updater

But I have disabled the auto updater by default so no worries!
The beta doesn’t come with an installer, meaning that you just extract the exe from the zip and then run it. You can replace your old xgp with this new one if you want too.

So yeah, comment if you find anything that is causing a crash or is simply not working and check back in a week or two to find the complete new, even more amazing version of XGP 😉
(Links can be found on the XGP page)

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Progress on XGP

January 10, 2012 Leave a comment

I am making good progress on XGP. Today I have coded 4 hours non stop and fixed a lot of things, recoded some bits and cleaned up. I can really tell that I wrote this like a year ago (I’ve become better) 😉
The new version won’t show any massive changes in the UI (very few yet) but it will be a massive change under the hood.

So yeah, I’ll keep coding and I’ll release it as soon as it is finished! 😀

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Network problems

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

We had an electricity outage in my part of the city this morning, so I have been having some problems with the update-server of MKV Chapterizer and the domain which XGP uses to fetch game profiles also stopped working.
But I am working on it and hopefully it will be back to normal soon, for MKV Chapterizer. I will release a small update once it works again that fixes a crash with the auto updater when it can’t connect.

XGP won’t go back to normal since the domain name it uses to connect is not mine anymore (it was until the ip would change, and now it has). But I will release an update here which uses another domain name. But I also want to change some other things so I won’t release it directly. But don’t worry, for all of you who already has run XGP one time, you will have the list of game profiles still. Though all new users won’t be able to fetch it though 😦

UPDATE: MKV Chapterizer now works as it should! 🙂

2.1.1 Released, AutoUpdater won’t download it for ya

December 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I have now finished and uploaded version 2.1.1 which is more of a maintenance update (it fixes bugs, adds a few features). But I of course recommends you to download it!

Now to the problem: AutoUpdater won’t download it for you, even if you used the installer to install MKV Chapterizer. Why? Because there was an error in the code, that is now fixed in this version. So it SHOULD work in the next release (holding my thumbs).

So yeah, the links to the download can be found on my Google Code page and the MKV Chapterizer page on this blog 🙂


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