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Some thoughts

March 12, 2012 Leave a comment

I have thought and researched a little about the Xfire system this weekend, and have some thoughts on some changes that I will probably make to the next version of XPP.
Xfire’s game profile system is very modular, a game can have multiple game profiles and multiple options for each “setting”. Meaning that I don’t have to let XPP patch the real version of the game profile, but just add another one for the game. I think that would be a better implementation compared to today’s replacing.
So you maybe wonder why I am telling this to you and what difference this means to you as the user?
The difference that you as a user will see will be minimalistic, I can’t really describe it with words since it would take some sentences so it’s better I show you later with pictures.

I will probably also have an option for which method you want to use, that would be profile specific.  I will explain when I release why that would be needed.

Now back to the coding for MKV Chapterizer 😛